Hemp Lotion, CBD Lip Balm & Salves

We now offer a full line of hemp extract infused topicals. To achieve this, we start with certified organic hemp flower which is carefully cultivated on our family farm and freshly harvested every summer. We then work with our regional processing partners to extract a rich profile of cannabinoids from the harvest. Using this pure extract, we carefully infuse our topicals alongside botanical extracts like lavender, mint, frankincense, and cedar efficacy. Our hydrating lotions boast an extra benefit of nano-emulsified full spectrum extract which has been shown to quadruple the absorption of topically applied cannabinoids.


What are the benefits of CBD Topicals?

Aside from the natural skin moisturizing properties of our topicals, our customers find a variety of relief from aches, arthritis, joint pain, muscle soreness and more.

How to apply CBD Topicals?

Gently wash and dry the affected area then apply a generous amount of balm, salve or lotion onto the affected area and massage into the skin until fully absorbed.

When should I use CBD topicals?

For topical support, recovery, and temporary relief from dry skin or sore muscles, CBD topicals work best. For full-body benefits and a variety of applications, oral CBD such as CBD tinctures or gummies may be the option you’re looking for.

How often should CBD topicals be applied?

We suggest applying CBD topicals up to four times daily as needed. Maintain regular use for at least 1 week or more to achieve optimal results.