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Well Built Boats

“A rising tide lifts all boats”. If you’ve been involved in hemp/CBD/cannabis, then you have probably heard that phrase bouncing around in the bubble. Recently though, I can’t help but wonder wether that is good advice or simply blind optimism. Talk with a representative group of hemp farmers today, and it might not take you long to wonder, like me, if all boats are built with equal intention and craftsmanship. . Recently, many hemp groups who have a habit of publicly predicting their own success have found themselves falling far short of expectations. In spite of having years of industry experience, great PR teams, and enormous amounts of capitol at their disposal, even they are not immune to the shifting tides. . Meanwhile a quiet majority have been getting their boots dirty building relationships with trusted partners and the land. . A wise farmer once said to me, “Making it in a true agricultural environment is not always easy. It pays bills over time. Slow and steady is what tends to make a farm work.” While this advice may not sound entrepreneurial or fit into a typical startup vocabulary, it is important reminder that every farm is a business, every farmer a business person. . Now that the hype about farmers striking it rich is beginning to fade. Reality is starting to set in that this is becoming a true agricultural environment. And while hemp may not always seem like a normal industry, the same rules still apply. It takes hard work, craftsmanship, intelligence and authenticity to build something right. . So I would like to propose a revision of the old adage: “A rising tide lifts all well built boats”

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