Rebuilding Pennsylvania’s Food Supply Chain Post COVID-19

Rebuilding Pennsylvania’s Food Supply Chain Post COVID-19

Benjamin and Karah Davies

Wild Fox Farm

Wild Fox Provisions

Live Testimony can be viewed here:

We wish to thank Senators Collett, Schwank, and Boscola for the opportunity to testify at this hearing on Rebuilding Pennsylvania’s Food Supply Chain Post COVID-19.

Pennsylvania has a unique place in the national and global food supply chain. Since before this country was founded, hard-working agrarian and trades people in Pennsylvania built the foundational farm systems and food supply chains that would become the life blood of the early American economy. This momentum lead to countless foods, food brands, logistics companies, processing plants, and even designations like “the snack food capitol of the world,” “the mushroom capitol of the world” or “the pretzel capitol of the world.” This is all to say that Pennsylvania has been, and still is, a leader in the global food supply chain.

Karah, and I are both born and raised in PA, and come from PA Dutch backgrounds, however ours are some of those that had lost their connection to farming and food production. Our interest in, and passion for food is what brought us back to the land a decade ago and spurred multiple agricultural business to take shape. As part of a new generation of farmers and food producers, we tend to think a bit differently about food, food supply chains, and far