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Our Story

Nestled in Pennsylvania's fertile Butter Valley, Wild Fox Farm has become a mainstay of the local food and agricultural community. Fueled by their passion for regenerative agriculture, Ben and Karah Davies have built a legacy of land stewardship with their ambitious farming practices and land acquisitions over the last decade. After years of growth in their business and farming acumen, raising Certified Organic produce and pasture raised protein, they were ready to mix things up. So, in 2018 they founded Wild Fox Provisions and became one the first two farms to grow cannabinoid-rich hemp in Pennsylvania. Taking this first harvest through processing, Wild Fox also became the first farm to market PA grown and processed hemp extract as well as bring a PA-grown CBD product to market. In the proceeding years, Wild Fox Provisions has become one of Pennsylvania’s leading seed-to-shelf hemp brands, helping many other farms in PA to incorporate this new crop into their agricultural operations along the way. 

As a locally partnered and vertically integrated Pennsylvania hemp company, Wild Fox is made up of a team of committed land stewards who are dedicated to embracing the cannabis plant. The seamless incorporation of hemp into the farms' repertoire could not have been achieved without the leadership of Brian Titus. As a veteran, the cannabis plant has been integral in his reintegration in to civilian life. Joining the team from 2019 - 2022 as the field production team lead, Brian carefully cultivated both indoor and outdoor hemp plants, and hand harvested each crop seasonally. He has since moved on to other adventures in his career but, remains dedicated to advocating for the cannabis plant.


Wild Fox now uses the seasonal harvest of artisan 

hemp to develop their custom line of high CBD products, support local brands who produce their own CBD products and to supply regional retailers and manufacturers. 


The same passion that fuels the team as a leader in the Pennsylvania hemp industry also fuels their drive for formulating authentic, affordable and approachable CBD products. To meet growing demand, Fern DeLoach joined the team in ​the fall of 2020 to lead formulation & fulfillment. With a line of over 30 products including topicals, tinctures, beverages, edibles, flower, and concentrates, the brands products are now available at multiple regional farmers markets, at the farm weekdays, and online for curbside pre-orders or national shipping. In addition, you can access the products at a steadily growing community of retailers throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

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