2020 PA hemp Rules and Regs.

 The new PA hemp parameters have been released with many new changes and restrictions being instituted.


The Wild Fox Provisions Story

Thanks to Drew and Cameron for swinging by and for leading the conversation in the hemp industry with the @hempentrepreneurpodcast and their other projects @coexist_build and @americhanvre .

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Turning Your Harvest into Retail Products

We’re a little behind here in PA but, we’re coming in hot and you will see some high quality brands launching in the next few seasons that will set the standard for the whole industry. Listen to our journey.

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Craft Weed

Whether you support marijuana deregulation or not, this book is a must read for modern Americans seeking to understand the currently unfolding cannabis revolution. Craft Weed details the past and current landscape of the cannabis industry, from both a regulatory and agricultural lense. While mainly focusing on marijuana, it does briefly touch on hemp and paints an optimistic picture of how cultivation of the cannabis plant as an agricultural crop might enable new farmers to enter the agricultural trade. Among other charming anecdotes throughout, Stoa also found his way directly to our hearts by closing the book with thoughts from Wendell Berry on what a truly sustainable agrarian economy looks like.


Is CDB Safe

If your feeling like most, inquisitive about CBD but, still wondering how to navigate this exploding industry, then you should definitely listen to this well grounded update on where we stand regarding the FDA and CBD